I.CON blog is men’s style all up underneath your fingernails: A design lifestyle blog with a particular interest in men’s fashion and design culture. It was specifically created to bring you a fresh perspective on menswear and men’s style from the POV of the designers and tailors themselves that are doing it. We do this in addition to bobs and bits on fitness and cool culture from around the globe.

It’s also a subsidiary of I.CON imageconcepts: a men’s wardrobing valet service leveraging style consul and fitness strategy with an end game: to brand image that dynamically engages your various publics. Importing and leveraging style vocabulary specific to predefined aspirations, we create ease in managing every aspect of a clients personal presentation as a brand.

I.CON blog was founded in August of 2010 and is currently stewarded by Tyrone Spencer.


20 years of combined experience in fashion/retail, tailoring, design and styling inform its approach as well as writing for such sites as Urb Magazine, PR Couture, The Motley and Tobi.com.

Employing a method that is both consultive and collaborative, I.CON imageconcepts combines diverse capabilities, tailored approaches and real partnership to create magic on par with Unicorns.



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